Sean Guy

Book launch: SERAPH - 11 October!

Image by George Fragopoulos Photography

Sean Guy is a Darwin-based author, playwright, and screenwriter with a passion for storytelling in all its forms. He started young, and has (thankfully) improved a lot.

While studying the International Baccalaureate he entered the Northern Territory Young Author Awards and won for his region three years consecutively. Around this time, he was also asked to write his first plays for local student theatre performances, including The Green Affair and A Very Modern Pregnancy.

In 2018 Sean's first novel Malediction: The Cursed Play was published, an historical murder-mystery inspired by the real-life superstitions of Shakespeare's Macbeth. It follows a diverse and eccentric troupe of theatre actors as they perform a cursed play that has never been shown without a member of the cast dying.

Since then, Sean has published two more novels, both in the Tower City Chronicles: The Firebringer and Voodoo Games. This urban fantasy series combines elements of ancient mythology with the every day lives of people living in a gritty, fictional metropolis. Book three in this series - Seraph is due to be published late 2022. Sean hopes the Netflix series will follow soon after...

Alongside his novels, Sean is known for his work with local amateur production company Big Dog Salad, a group of Darwin creatives who occasionally host a podcast and have over fifty comedic shorts on their YouTube channel. Sean rarely acts in these, but has written several, including one where two salesmen discuss how best to market a new type of calendar (weekends sold separately). In 2021 they sold out their first Live Show at Darwin Fringe Festival. In 2022, they sold out their second Fringe show, a murder-mystery-comedy play written by Sean, called Under the Table (winner of the 2022 NT Literary Awards, Brown's Mart Theatre category).

Sean's other projects include writing a feature film script about the Bombing of Darwin for filmmakers SD Productions; a short film called Japanese Slipper which was produced by Undergrowth Productions in 2021; a new play called Last Call which hit theatres across Australia in 2021; and a SPARK film grant for Sean to write and produce a short film called Enough for Darwin International Film Festival 2022.

In his spare time, he writes biographies about himself in third person.