I first developed a love of theatre as a high school student, primarily through the plays and writings of Oscar Wilde. His sense of humour, wit, and ability to surprise the audience in just a few words has inspired me my entire life. 

The first play I ever wrote was a commission for the Kormilda College International Baccalaureate drama class (now Haileybury Rendall School), called The Green Affair, and was performed to a wide audience at Caf Parap. I went on to complete two additional commissions for Kormilda. Years later I would write my first ensemble play Last Call, intending it to be performed by Corrugated Iron. Unfortunately due to Covid this was cancelled. The play was then picked up by Inner West Drama in Sydney (April 2021) and Darwin Theatre Company (December 2021). It is a fun tragicomedy that is as enjoyable to perform as it is for the audience to watch, and I hope many more theatres perform it in years to come! 

In early 2022 I completed a new play called King Paddy,  a project made possible by the Australian Government's Regional Arts Fund, which supports the arts in regional and remote Australia. This was given a formal play reading with Scott Gooding and Vicious Fish Theatre, and will hopefully achieve full production soon. My body of work also includes a short comedy called Therapy-go-Round (Big Dog Salad 2023, Warrandyte Theatre 2023), a psychological drama called The Leaving is in the Forgetting, and a coming-of-age piece called A Very Modern Pregnancy. 

In 2022, I wrote a 6-person murder-mystery comedy called Under the Table, which was produced by Big Dog Salad, sold out Darwin Fringe Festival, and won the 2022 NT Literary Awards, theatre category! It has now been performed twice in Darwin, and once by Warrandyte Theatre Company - with more shows hopefully coming soon! 

For information on any of the above, please see links below, or contact me!