Last Call

Cast: 10 actors

Length: approximately 75 minutes

Three scenes occur simultaneously on stage: a shambolic book club, a first date, and a comedic scene in which Death himself walks into a bar and asks three strangers whom he should kill. Each scene unfolds with humour, tied together by fourth-wall breaking monologues by the minor characters... until the halfway point.

Mistaken identity and half-understood truths finally lead to death and heartbreak, with almost all of the comedic character-stereotypes from the first half of the show being reversed and subverted.

Art by Danny Heilbronn

Last Call has been performed by Inner West Drama (Sydney, April 2021) and is scheduled to be performed by Darwin Theatre Company in November 2021.

Sean Guy (green shirt) with the cast of Last Call (Inner West Drama)

The incredible cast of Last Call (Inner West Drama)!